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Yuuki ignored  Lol :D

From new music video Mrs.Summer 

Mini album [See More Glass] Galileo Galilei 2014

The lady is so prettyyy

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Track: Mrs. Summer

Artist: Galileo Galilei

Mini Album: See More Glass (Galileo Galilei) 2014


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Teenage Dirtbag -Wheatus

I swear this started out as a doodle of little rocker!human!karkat…. then I got a little bit carried away. BUT I THINK IT’S A CUTE SONG OK. 

I did it in ballpoint on lined paper to give it that high-school-love-note-doodle feel. :D

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do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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Sensei! Can you fly?

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Her Secret: A Post-It Remix

4 days. 19 colors (including crane colors). 300 post-its. ??? cranes (I’ll let you know when I take ‘em down).   

original :: remix 

Illustrations are easier to remix for post-it projects, but after seeing breeouellette's photograph on hitRECord's tumblr, I knew I'd kick myself if I at least didn't try to remix it. It was challenging and difficult dealing with lines and shadows that I never had to deal with before.

The cranes were originally going to be drawn on white post-its outlined with different colored sharpies, but the blurriness of the cranes in bree’s photo made it difficult to know which line went where. Part of the appeal of bree’s photo is the birds’ blurriness because it gives the feeling of flight. It also gives the feeling of awe and confusion for the viewer because you’re left wondering how the hell she did that. So I nixed the drawn cranes idea and decided to fold the cranes myself. Placement was tricky, but it worked out in the end. I love having the cranes pop off the post-it giving the whole project a 3D feel — something new. 

breeouellette is a superb artist and her photographs and animations are phenomenal. 

Pretty proud of this project :)

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